BMW E12 M535i Registry page


I am helping my friend and fellow forum member Ronald Aker to compile a list of all known BMW E12 M535i's sometimes also known as BMW E12 M535 or even BMW E12 M5, this list includes chassis numbers from cars that are known to be scrapped, ones which are on the road and ones which are undergoing restoration. This list was started in 2004 so some information may not still be accurate

If you own or know of any other cars then please contact me via the web site and I can add your car to the list, this would include any cars which you know have been scrapped or written off. Even if you have sold the car but believe it might still be in existence, then please contact me.

In an attempt not to invade anyone's privacy I will only list known chassis numbers and colour's, any other information is not shown. However when sending details through, please include as much detail as you can and preferably photos of the car.

Together we can build a bigger picture of how many cars are remaining


Click here to see the list of known surviving cars



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