Useful Links

This is as much about somewhere for me to put all my favourite sites, that I can never remember the links for, in one place.
Hopefully you will also find some of them useful.


First Fives BMW E12

M535 Special Interest Group

BMW Car Club

Walloth u Nesch
Spare parts

BMW 5 Series Forum

Snap On Site

Frost Site

Hadrian Car Panels

Jaymic BMW Spares

Real OEM Parts

Adam Wilsons E12 M535i Site

E12 .de
an excellent E12 resource


BMW Classics

Cars and Owners Reunited

BMW Books
BMW E12 Forum

French E12 Forum
General BMW Forum
General BMW

Forum BMW 5
5 series Forum
General BMW Forum

My Space Page

BMW Maintenance Info

Lukes E12 M535i

AP Plumbing and Heating Services


Mig Welding tips and Techniques

Tony BMW
Flickr Page



Classic BMW Showroom

Matt Todd's
Daimler Restoration

BMW Fans
Parts Catalogue Site

Eastwood Tools and Supplies

Unnoficial BMW Site


E12 Thailand

Retro Rides Forum

My Forum

Alpina B7 Turbo Restoration

Caprotech RX Anti Rust Paint & Sprays


Leo's Z4M Blog and Website








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