Mike Drewett
E12 M535i

United Kingdom

I have an E12 M535i for sale, Its an interesting car as I believe its the only one with original leather (tan) seats.

Its factory Black, had AC fitted front and rear as its was chauffeur driven for the first 10 years and the owner wanted to feel the cold before the driver. I have owned it since then.

I have sadly lost some of the original wheels and it has 15" none gen alloys (looks ok)

It has a 9 months MOT but will need some work before it can go into daily use

Good points
Few owners
No or very little rust
Dry stored for 15 years
Runs very well
goes like F"£$%k
BMW serviced all its active life
only 150k
has had new bonnet, wings sills rear sills, rear wheel arches 15years ago (professionally fitted) stored since.
near drive shaft,
new breaks all round.
Never raced
Great history
elec windows
factory sunroof
good interior
UK car always local to me and known
New exhaust pipe (complete) Sound good but not to noisy.
Proper spec, Dog leg ZF box, "Salisbury" back axle, Limited slip diff. etc etc.
Original owner told me that it was "chipped or electronically enhanced"( By BMW Dealer )Not sure? goes very well.
Head phone jack sockets fitted into rear so "he" did not have to listen to "her" music...? Told you it was an interesting car.
Nice (original No plate) HAM 8 10W
I have owned a body shop all the time i owned the car and therefore been able to look after it, as I did for the original owner too.
15 years ago this car would do 150mph. I tried it again 1 month ago and lost my nerve at 130 mph... but was still pulling :-)


Bad points
central locking need looking at
gear box needs a bearing (i think lay shaft) Drives fine (noisy)
Needs using to loosen up a little, wipers a little slow, that kind of thing...
no stereo
AC may need charging?
Vibration coming from prop shaft. It has been taken of and put back in wrong holes. (Numpty mechanic)
Tyres tread good but old rubber (bit to much slide for that power) could do with new.
I have misplaced the V5. Can get new.

This is a reluctant sale as my kids have grown up with this car and hope to inherit it. I do know that this is the only one of its kind left i.e. R.H.D leather and black.


The car will be listed on Ebay on the 14th January 2011 if it is not sold earlier

The car is based in Shaftesbury, North Dorset

Offers invited over £5000.00

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